Silver Linings Kyra Weave Ladies Sandals

Silver Linings

Silver Linings Kyra Weave Ladies Sandals

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Stylish, comfortable and fun, you can't go past the Kyra Weave wedge if you're in need of a summer wardrobe revamp!

• Adjustable forefoot and ankle velcro straps are great for wearers with a wider set foot!
• Wedge heel encourages stability and balance.
• Cushioned insole featuring trademarked STRATIFORM technology sinks your feet into comfort.
• Patterned sole encourages traction.
• Genuine leather is gentle against the skin and helps to reduce blistering caused by rubbing.
• Combination cork and latex footbed encourages shock absorption.
• Lightweight PU sole is suitable for all day comfortable wear.
• Dual strap design helps to anchor your feet and reduce those wobbly ankles!

Width: Wide
Height: 5cm
Style: Wedge
Material: Leather and PU Rubber
Removable Insole: No

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